Ata Local 60 Collective Agreement

The ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement: Understanding the Basics

The ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement is an agreement between the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the City of Toronto. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for ATU Local 60 members who work as transit operators, maintenance workers, and other related positions.

Here are some key points about the ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement:

1. Length of Agreement

The agreement between the ATU and the City of Toronto typically lasts for a few years before it is renegotiated. The current agreement is valid until March 31, 2022.

2. Wages and Benefits

The agreement outlines the wages and benefits that ATU Local 60 members are entitled to. This includes things like salary increases, vacation pay, and health and dental benefits.

3. Hours of Work

The ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement also outlines the hours of work for transit operators and maintenance workers. This includes how many hours they are expected to work per week, as well as overtime rates and scheduling rules.

4. Safety and Health

The agreement also includes provisions for safety and health in the workplace. This includes requirements for safety equipment and procedures, as well as protocols for dealing with workplace hazards and injuries.

5. Grievance Procedures

The ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement includes a grievance procedure that outlines how disputes between the union and the employer will be handled. This includes mediation and arbitration processes that are designed to resolve conflicts in a fair and efficient manner.

6. Union Rights

Finally, the agreement provisions union rights. This includes the right to strike, as well as rules around union dues and membership.

Overall, the ATU Local 60 Collective Agreement is an important document for ATU members and their employers in the City of Toronto. By understanding the basics of this agreement, both parties can work together to create a safe, fair, and productive workplace that benefits everyone involved.