Lulu Isbn Agreement

As an author, self-publishing can be a great way to get your work out to the world. However, one important aspect of self-publishing is obtaining an ISBN. An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier for books, ebooks, and other publications. It ensures that your work is easily searchable and not confused with other books of the same name.

If you`re using Lulu to self-publish, you`ll be pleased to know that they offer an ISBN agreement. This agreement allows Lulu to be the publisher of record and apply for an ISBN on your behalf. This makes the process of obtaining an ISBN easy and hassle-free.

The Lulu ISBN agreement is a great option for authors who are unfamiliar with the ISBN process or who simply don`t have the time to navigate the process themselves. Additionally, having Lulu as the publisher of record can help establish credibility and professionalism for your book.

To take advantage of the Lulu ISBN agreement, all you need to do is select the option during the publishing process. Lulu will then assign you an ISBN and include it on your book`s copyright page. This ensures that your book is easily identified by booksellers, libraries, and readers.

It`s important to note that while Lulu`s ISBN agreement is convenient, it does come at a cost. At the time of writing, the fee for the service is $99.99. However, this fee includes additional features such as barcoding and marketing services.

In conclusion, if you`re self-publishing with Lulu, the ISBN agreement is a convenient and professional way to obtain an ISBN for your book. While it does come at a cost, it can save you time and ensure that your book stands out in a crowded marketplace.